Refresh your life

Exercise and sports are good for you: as a personal trainer I can help you achieve your goals.

Exactly how much do I have to move to stay healthy? How do I lower my biological age? And above all: how do I achieve my (sports) goal of improving my lifestyle pattern? As a personal trainer I help you achieve your goals, in a way that suits you.

Do you want to optimize your nutrition and lifestyle pattern or do you even have a bigger (sports) goal to achieve? I offer a 21 and a 90 day program for personal training and coachingClick here to read more or contact me for complimentary advice

This is what the movement guidelines tell you:

21/7 move: move each part of the day

Move at least 10 minutes per part of the day

Short on time? 5 minutes of movement per part of the day is a good start!

Lower your biological age; strengthen your muscles twice a week

Reduce your cardiovascular age: 2 to 3 times per week of intensive exercise

Don't stay seated for too long, stand up every half hour

Exercise together! 1 1= healthy together, exercise with others more often


I’m going to guide you in this as a personal trainer.

Only then will you be able to keep going and achieve your goals!



Build muscle mass, become stronger and stay strong. We’ll start with the basics and I’ll teach you how to build more muscle mass in an efficient way. This gives you more energy and strength for the things you want and have to do every day. These strength trainings can be done in the gym, outside and partly at home. 


Personal Training

If you prefer intensive sports with a Personal Trainer. The sports programme depends on the mobility and load capacity of your body and your (sports) goals.


EMS Training

If you don’t want to put strain on your body or if you don’t have a lot of time, this is a wonderful way of exercising with great results. EMS stands for: Electric Muscle Stimulation. EMS training is a training programme in which the muscles are stimulated and strengthened by electrodes in a suit. This allows you totrain your muscles in a short, fast and controlled way. It helps with weight loss, muscle building and against back problems and certain injuries. 


Movement & relaxation

Yoga; relaxation and breathing. Meditation; let go of your worries and  search for your inner peace and quiet. Pilates, breathing coaching, sauna or cold water therapy… there are many possibilities.

Personal training & Coaching for you

 In addition to targeted training, a healthy mix of walking or cycling to your supermarket or work is needed. But also exchanging a coffee moment with a friend for a walk through the woods or along the beach. Moving around and filling in your day “differently” are the key factors to success.

Curious what I can do for you as a personal trainer?