Personal Coaching: Exercise, nutrition and nutritional supplements

Hi, I’m Janna. I am an orthomolecular therapist and as a personal coach and trainer I would like to help you to become fitter, healthier and better version of yourself. I do this through two types of personal coaching programmes where we look at which steps in the field of nutrition and exercise fit your body, life and especially goals. Are you curious what I can do for you?


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You want to live a healthier life, maybe lose some weight, move more or stop a bad habit…but in a healthy and controlled way and of course with a lasting result.
And not to be forgotten; STRESS or the often discussed work-life balance. How do you achieve a permanently healthier lifestyle without falling back into old habits? As a personal coach and trainer I advise you in nutrition, supplements and exercise to find your personal balance. Take a look at the personal coaching programmes here.

The mission; to guide you as a personal coach to be the better version of yourself.

Personal coaching

Your life your goals. With a personal coahcing programme of either 21 or 90 days, we set goals to effectively achieve a healthier life!

Personal Training

Different forms of exercise and sports are good for you. No question about it. What is important is what makes you feel good. I advise you in what you need to do to reach your goal.

Nutrition advice

Which foods suit you? How much do you really need? Which vitamins and minerals should be supplemented?  I will give you specific nutritional advice based on what your body needs.


With the right nutrition and supplements, I can help you improve the quality of your hair, nails, and above all, skin. Based on your lifestyle and diet, I recommend which vitamins you should take to make your skin glow.

About me

Nice to meet you, I’m Janna!

I’m here to help you improve your lifestyle, but you’re the one who is really going to make a difference. It’s all about a sustainable and effective result.

Through my education and personal growth I have found a way to create balance in my busy life and that of others. Due to my passion for working with, and helping people, I have become a certified health coach, orthomolecular therapist, fitness coach, PHP and EMS trainer, and have now founded Refresh Your Life (RYL).

I recognise myself in many clients. Like many, I had a busy life: restless, ‘always on’, perfectionistic, nothing was too crazy, never stopping, performance pressure, stressful, busy social and working life. I managed to convert this into a healthy life. A life with more tranquillity, passion and peace in which ‘the balance’ between everything is the main thing.

Do you recognise my old lifestyle and are you looking for change?

I am looking forward to sharing my life motto and lifestyle with you and showing you how it can be integrated into your life!

Let’s go!

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Fitness trainer


Overload PHP trainer


EMS Trainer


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Lifestyle change, how do you do it?

As a personal coach and trainer I can help you gain an insight into your current life and give you advice about food, supplements and exercise. Would you rather cook or exercise together? We can do that too! Based on YOUR life, and YOUR goals, a personal coaching programme will be made to fit your needs. You tell me what you feel comfortable doing and I will prepare a suitable, health and exercises plan that you can integrate into your life so you can reach your goals. With as result: a BETER VERSION OF YOURSELF!

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