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Anti-aging from within

Healthy on the inside means beautiful on the outside. We apply a lot of creams on our face for a younger look, but the biggest effect you get is from the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that food and dietary supplements can give you. The best secret to anti-aging? Live healthily! Get enough sleep, avoid stress, exercise and eat good quality food.

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“Your skin is the reflection of your health.”

Wat vitamins do

According to the leading American scientist Bruce Ames, the body uses vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients in two ways:

  1. for immediate survival
  2. for processes that are important for long-term health

Are you not getting enough vitamins? Then the body will use them for immediate survival, at the expense of future health. You will not develop deficiency diseases such as scurvy, but the body will slowly become damaged and neglected. These vitamin deficits are then noticeable in your stamina, your resistance and will have a negative effect on the condition of your hair, nails and skin.

Reach 100 in a healthy way with the right vitamins

Age-related diseases such as osteoporosis, age-related blindness and arteriosclerosis are the result of imperceptibly small vitamin deficiencies. According to Dr. Ames, we can all become 100 if we take in all vitamins in sufficient quantities.

A Mediterranean diet with nutritional supplements

The best way to ensure that you get enough vitamins is to eat healthily every day according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet. Guaranteed the best anti-aging you can give yourself!

Virtually no one succeeds in eating perfectly every day. Therefore, take vitamins to avoid imperceptible vitamin deficiencies. Click here for more information about  personal dietary advice and nutritional supplements.





Vitamin C


Vitamin D3


Vitamin K2


Fish oil





Vitamin k2 and Anti-aging 

Scientists know that rejuvenating effects for skin and hair must come from within. Not only food, supplements and exercise appear to have powerful effects on the outside; the new insights into the influence of the brain and intestines on skin and hair are amazing.

Vitamin K2 is the first supplement with proven rejuvenating properties. This vitamin can do something that until recently was considered impossible: make calcified blood vessels more supple. In addition, K2 protects against osteoporosis and seems to have an inhibiting effect on diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and… wrinkles! The perfect anti-aging vitamin! 


I would love to give you advice 

Together we will work on achieving your goals. What is your current condition, how does your body react to certain foods, which sports suit you. On the other hand, what does stress do to you, because this also has an enormous influence on your appearance. Based on this information and developments, I’ll give you personal advice and tips to achieve: less wrinkles, flawless skin, beautiful nails and thick, shiny hair.

Preserve your natural beauty and improve your health!